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Creativity is a radical act

I’ve won the Spilling Ink short story prize, been shortlisted for the Myriad First Editions prize, the Writers & Artists Prize, and had writing published in The Manchester Review, The Kenyon Review, 3am Magazine among others. I am contributing editor of ‘So Long as You Write (Dear Damsels) 2022 and the Write like a Grrrl anthology (Grind and Bearing) 2022.

My poetry can be found in the Spectrum anthology by Renard Press, longlisted for the Rialto prize and published widely including Selcouth Station, Literary Mama, Foxglove Press, Off Menu PressQueerlings(Im)possible Performances & Custom Labs. My play ‘Trust’ was staged at the Gulbenkian Theatre. Two of my plays were staged at Folkestone 48 at the Quarterhouse.

In 2021, I received the Arts Council England DYCP award. I have a Masters with distinction and a PhD in Literary Studies/Creative Writing.

I’ve facilitated workshops for Spotlight, Sotheby’s, STUC and others. I’m the proud founder of Collectivity and Write like a Grrrl which offers creative writing workshops that help folk across the world find joy, connection and self-compassion in creativity.

I’ve written a lot about creativity as a radical act. See my ‘Damsels in Distress’ advice columns for more…

You are so wrong about what matters and where the eyes should visit. The things you find so important–the attention, the prizes, the approval–yes, they matter, and never so much than when they disappear. But I’m old now, and I’ve walked a long and rocky road, and what really mattered, what should matter most to you, is the rare and gorgeous experience of reaching out through your work and your actions and connecting to others. A message in the bottle thrown toward another frightened, loveless queer; a confused mother; a recently dejected man who can’t see his way home. We get people home; we let them know that we’re here for them. This is what art can do. Art should be the arm and the shoulder and the kind eyes–all of which let others know you deserve to live and to be loved. That is what matters, baby. Bringing people home.

Tennessee Williams


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