Dr Kerry Ryan: Writer

Writing etc

My writing has been featured in a range of UK and international publications.

Read on to discover all the different types of exciting projects I’ve been involved in, upcoming publications and my work with live artists, as a creative agony aunt and writer-in-residence.

Recent writing projects

Coach & Editor

I’m a certified life coach, mindfulness self compassion teacher who focusses on creativity and encouraging her clients to reach their creative goals.

I’m an editor with years of experience working in publishing, with charities and PR agencies as well as magazines, journals and newspapers.

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I created Write like a Grrrl six years ago. Since then my courses have been taught all over the world and hundreds of women & NB have gone onto write more with joy after graduating from my courses.

I have a Masters and a PhD in Literary Studies and Creative Writing.

I’ve also taught women leaving sex work, domestic abuse survivors and has facilitated a year long Arts Council creative writing course for LGBT+

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