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I’ve been shortlisted for the Myriad Books First Edition competition, won the Spilling Ink short story prize, had writing published in The Manchester Review, The Kenyon Review, 3am Magazine among others. MMy play ‘Trust’ was staged at the Gulbenkian Theatre in 2020. Two of my plays were staged at Folkestone 48 at the Quarterhouse in 2020. My poetry has been longlisted for the Rialto prize and published widely including Selcouth Station, Foxglove Press, Off Menu Press, Queerlings, (Im)possible Performances & Custom Labs. In 2021 I received the Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice award. Until recently, I was Dear Damsels’ ‘Damsels in Distress’ creative advice columnist. I am the editor of two anthologies published in 2022: ‘So Long as You Write‘ (Dear Damsels) and a Write like a Grrrl/FBS anthology (Grind and Bearing)


This collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry also includes advice and encouragement for writers of all kinds. Edited by Kerry Ryan, founder of Write Like a Grrrl and Dear Damsels contributor, and featuring essays from Luan Goldie, Marianne Tatepo, Jane Claire Bradley and Sara Jafari, it is the perfect place to turn for a reminder that it doesn’t matter who is reading it – so long as you write.

So Long As You Write-Kerry Ryan

A collection of WLAG graduates’ writing edited by Kerry Ryan & published by Grind & Bearing Press

Have you heard the story about the giant sausage who rescued a poodle from Mars? Well, neither had I until I started freewriting with my son. Now I know all about an elephant who swallowed a hula-hoop and the lemon who saved the world from an earthquake.

My son is nine and we’ve been freewriting together since he was at the cat-on-the-mat stage. No matter which age or stage your kids are at, freewriting is a fantastic screen-free practice that offers a real bounty of benefits. And because we do it alongside our kids, adults experience those same benefits too.

‘Mindful Writing’ May 2022 The Green Parent Magazine

AntiDiary: Writer in Residence

// writing for our times //

The Antidiary: Writing For Our Times is an online platform where contributors write diary entries that are shared with the world.The Antidiary is a forger of connections, a space for emotional freedom, an online connection with a new humanity, and an archive of our times.project

This project, hosted by Folkestone Fringe, is part of the “MagiC Carpets” Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. This project has generously been supported by Arts Council England.

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In 2020 took part in a film project charting the 21 months spanned by Derek Jarman’s journal from January 1989 to September 1990. The resulting film, made by brilliant filmmaker Clare Unsworth, reframes the words of Derek Jarman within the contemporary landscape. (Funded by Creative Folkestone).

Counting Women

Pale moons, burst balloons, they are ashen on the Zoom call.

How’s everyone doing? I ask. The feedback echoes for eternity.

I’ve been writing poems, Magda says. Me too, says Frances.

Rosie Delaware has not stopped since the news came in.

What else to do with all these feelings? Lita says. I can’t sleep.

It’s the same on Tuesday night, Wednesday, all day Thursday.

Their eyes bloodshot from constant doomscrolling.

It’s where I used to live. Across from my old school.

I worked with her once. I knew her best friend.

I see them shiver, sniff but by Friday, I see only her:

young, happy, talking about moving to Margate

over Pinot Grigio bought from Brixton Sainsburys.

Hummus and a pot of sunblush tomatoes in her bag,

a steel water bottle and a ticket for a festival in Spain.

Poems? How can poems help? Ally asks, face a mourning mask.

Published 2021 Selcouth Station